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Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity...
Captain Canada's Life
This made me laugh pretty hard for a few minutes.

And this surprised me, because I don't usually find simplistic humor all that amusing.

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What's up kiddies?

My brain and ass (bone) are hurting like HELL from the previous weekend. (Too much giant cart races... long story)

Not much of an update on stuff in my life other than I slept 12 hours on a school day. There's this awesome field trip for school that goes to Berlin, France, then London next year that I'd love to go on, but it's a whooping $3300. I'm afraid to tell my mom about it and get my throat ripped out. :/

I downloaded the "new" Red Hot Chili Peppers CD, "Stadium Arcadium", and it's pretty awesome. Catchy bass beats and wonderful vocals by Anthony Kiedis.

Here's a pretty fun collage that I ganked from my lovely girlfriend, rosevixen, and like she said, you should do it yourself.

My Interests Collage!Collapse )

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Current Music: "Charlie" - Reh Hot Chili Peppers

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Gahhhhhhh, I'm so sick and tired of this "beautiful" weather... DAMN YOU MOTHER EARTH, SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

It's almost god damned January and we still haven't had any snow for winter. We had a bit in fall, but winter? Fuck that. I seriously want to find whatever the cause of this shitteh weather is and PUNCH IT IN THE FACE. Grrrrr.

But that aside... I really have nothing else to say other than I finally got the "new" Gorillaz CD... err... unlegally, and I love it. The songs rock out loud and just get my mind up and out there thinking. It's good stuff.

Well, I'm off to the abyss that is my mind. See ya later.

And as my girlfriend and her best friend said, TELL YOUR PANTS IT'S NOT POLITE TO POINT.

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Current Music: "Feel Good Inc." - Gorillaz

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I just received the letter B from rosevixen (Sorry I can't do the proper reference code, but I only know simple html) for a musical survey thingy...

Comment me and I'll give you a letter, just name five songs that start with that letter.

1. "Back in Black" - AC/DC
2. "Bat Country" - Avenged Sevenfold
3. "Black Dog" - Led Zeppelin
4. "Black Hole Sun" - Soundgarden
5. "But It's Better If You Do" - Panic! At The Disco

And I leave you with a quote from my conversations...

~Buddy "Time for Plan B, do you know what plan B is?"
~Me "Kill Whitey?"
~Buddy "No... that's plan A."

Current Location: Looking for my sanity on google.
Current Mood: bored bored
Current Music: "Kashmir" - Led Zeppelin

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Well, my girlfriend finally convinced me to get a LJ account, so I did.

Not much to say other than I've have an unhealthy addiction to video games and the only time I leave my house is to come over to my gf's (rosevixen) mansion.

I'm a n00b and I can admit it.

Current Mood: excited excited
Current Music: CKY "96 Quite Bitter Beings"

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